Amanda has a direct, yet compassionate approach with her clients. She helps you get to the heart of the issue.
— Female, age 55

Happy Clients


When I found Amanda I was completely lost and holding on to the past. She helped me gain a sense of self-confidence that I had lost along the way. 


My whole life was turned upside down with a series of losses all in the same year. Amanda helped me get in touch with my emotions, process, and let go. Now I have room in my life for new adventures and relationships. 

— female, age 34

I survived a life threatening accident. I have chronic pain. It was controlling my life. Amanda guided me through a mindfulness approach to managing my relationship with pain. I now live with it, not for it. 

— Male, age 43

I was stuck in a complete rut. I hated my job and felt I had no other options. Amanda worked with me on communication skills and personal image. Taking it as far as resume editing and mock interviews. I presented my true self and got the job of my dreams. 

— male, age 27